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Glutaraldehyde-free matrix patch.

Eurosets- Perfusion products

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Eurosets has a large portfolio within the oxygenation area as well as a 14 day approved family of ECMO oxygenators, both for neonates, small adults and adults.
These products, and the “state of the art” Landing monitor, gives the perfusionist relevant and important continuous blood parameter readings, providing detection of changes in patient status during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery.

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Freelife Medical GmbH

Cannulas for Thorax.

Blood warmers for ECMO.


Temed is a manufacturer who has a great product portfolio for the perfusion segment and Thorax surgery.
Our Sucker are developed together with Great Ormond street and have been very
successful, with a marketshare around 70% in the UK alone.

The TEMED sucker is designed to remove fluid from the surgical field. The internal design and combination of materials mean that it is very efficient at removing fluid. The sucker tip is manufactured from surgical steel which means that its weight helps it to find the lowest position that it is able.

Only company marketing full range and the haemoconcentrators that we supply are pre-rinsed. The product arrives with the customer with the fibers slightly wet in an effort to minimise haemolysis.

We look forward to an exiting future together with our partner Temed and bringing their unique products to the Scandinavian marketplace.

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HICO – heater/cooler, easy, simple and safe

Product overview – DECUBITUS (PDF)
Product overview – VARIOTHERM (PDF)

Hico from Germany has many years of experience in the cooling and heating of patients. Hemedic are now their distributor in Scandinavia with unmatched Prices for the systems they sell to other OEM partners as well. However we sell directly from the manufacturer and have their direct support.


Medical Instruments

The SNAKE suture organizer

True flow rdb

Sales and Service of SECHRIST gas mixers

Service of SECHRIST gas mixers needed? Contact us for service and maintenance. Loaners supplied if needed.
We only work with authorized service partners.


For ECC procedures during open heart operations, the detection of microbubbles and micro embolisms are very important.

Gampt bubble counter BCC300 is the system to use.

Gampt has a new and updated version ready for sale.
Contact us for further information about how to buy Gampt products in Scandinavia.

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BFW Pandelamper / Surgical headlights

Kvalitets pandelamper med mulighed for at optage video i høj opløsning med kameraet placeret centralt i pandelampen. Optimal kvalitet af batteri med mere end 9 timers holdbarhed. Fremstilles i USA.

Quality light with the possibility of perfect video recording with the camera placed in the headlight. Best in class battery quality with more than 9 hours duration. Made in USA.


New and exiting , innovative cell salvage device.

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Head holder set ECMO for intensive care.

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